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What is the Belgian Mobility Dashboard (BMD)?

The BMD is a neutral data-based platform that monitors key aspects of mobility in Belgium while providing mobility stakeholders (public, private and academic) with a unique set of indicators they can use to assess and develop mobility solutions, policies and measures. The BMD is set to become Belgium’s leading online mobility data platform.

Why is a BMD needed?

Mobility is fundamental for society and the economy since it enables people and goods to reach their destinations. However, since mobility is constantly changing and evolving, it is important to be able to understand and assess it as accurately as possible.

The added value of the BMD

The BMD provides stakeholders in Belgium with accurate information on key mobility data. The BMD is unique, since it:

Covers different geographical levels

Provides historical data (evolution assessment)​

Collates a wide range of data in a single tool

Enables multidimensional analyses based on mobility data

Will gradually be updated with new KPIs

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